Thursday, 3 July 2014

which is the best gameboy to buy..?

you should choose a gaming console keeping in mind both the factors-its good and its bad. also, the newest does not necessarily mean the best.but keeping in mind all the factors,i would say the best gameboy to buy shold be gameboy sp+. gameboy micro should not be the right choice because it cannot run games meant for gameboy play many types of games on backlit  screen, the gameboy sp+ should only be the buyers real choice.

Best games of 2014..!

5>Titanfall:A first-person shooter game, which definitely deserves to make this list.leaping from one window to another and everywhere else is but fun..!its multiplayer campaign is also convincing.

4>The banner saga:its a role playing game whose graphics look good and gameplay is simply amazing.its simple to understand, easy to play and one of the best so far this year!

3>Banished:a tactical and strategy game where you build cities and lives of dozens of citizens is in your need to play this game with patience as it is a strategy game.

2>The wolf amongst us;smoke and mirrors:its taken from a comic series.set against the background of 80s, its much similar to walking dead or alone in the dark.what impresses the most is the game's story.

1>Broken age act:An adventure game which depicts the story of two children.storyline is emotional and good, gameplay is awesome and this game is simply the best bet of the year so far.

The best fighting games till date..!

5>Mortal Kombat 4: A great game for any fighting game freak,not easy to play, but certainly one of the best ever!Great graphics of this game add to its credibility.the only problem here is that the single player campaign is too short.

4>Soul calibur 4:fascinating,grat controls, great moves.seems like its just what the doctor ordered!simply one of the best fighting games ever.

3>Tekken 3:hands down, this is the best tekken game till date. you won't get better than this. a must have have for any fighting games lover.

2>Super street fighter 4:by developing this game, capcom ensured that nobody can take the title of producing the best fighting games from this company!

1>Mortal Kombat;deception:simply the best mortal kambat game till date, and also the best fighting game ever!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Best games available for iphone..!

5>Angry birds;star wars 2: angry birds is a very popular franchise and this is one of the few enjoyable games available for iphone.its better than its predecessor.

4>Device 6: its a very strange game with strange ideas put into it.but thankfully this is not any such game which would be diffult to understand,given its plot.this game does not have much action but is totally adventurous.

3>plants vs zombies:hopefully this game is much more fun to play than what its name suggests.again,this game does not have much hyped type of action,but playing it  is certainly better to just keep on wondering which game to play on your iphone device.

2>Asphalt 8:A very popular racing game that is certainly one of the best games available on IOS.a hardcore racing game where only speed are awesome and you hardly get tired of playing this game again and again.

1>Infinity blade 3>another awesome game with superb graphics,great action and awesome just cant afford to not have this game on your iphone device.story goes deep where an additional player is also allowed.a must have for any gaming fan.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A list of best platformer games till date..!

 5>Brother bear: This game is based on a movie of the same look good,is adventurous and really fun to play.the only problem is the short size of the game which is why it could occupy only the fifth position in this list.

 4>Mario forever:mostly the same as the original one,what makes this game fun to play are its good graphics and seemingly different environment.but, given its popularity, it still remains one of the top favourites for gamers.

 3>Jazz Jack rabbit 2:simply outstanding. this platformer seems a little like little big planet, but is relatively less difficult and more fun at the same time.

 2>Hercules:one of the best platformers till date. this game  also has a little short gameplay,but is amazingly fun to play.i still remember playing this game again and again even after i completed it once.

 1>claw: a tale of captain nathain.j.claw,this game has superb graphics,outstanding gameplay and is till date the best platformer for pc control captain claw who is at his quest for aquiring the amulet of nine lives.there are in all 8 boss fights at different stages of the game which make it even more interesting

list of 5 best android games...!

 5>The simpsons tapped out:a very simple and fun game to play.and its free as well.developed by EA,this franchise successfully manages to stand up to its reputation.

 4>Angry birds space 2:simply the best of the has new levels,new contents and new adaptable strategies.for once, it seems very much like a fun-game for kids, but in actual is lot more enjoyable to play for anybody.

 3>super bit dash: A cool platformer with some aggresive and energetic just go on jumping and it is sooner or later only that you realize that you have been hooked to this game.

 2>Pitfall:this game has loads of varieties in its levels,which infact are endless.although not much to explore, but is thoroughly enjoyable.

 1>Temple run OZ:this game hardly needs any introduction. one of the many games of popular temple run series,when it comes to taking the prize, this game stands up to the expectations, and is hands down the best game of the android currently.

The best racing games ever..!

5>need for speed;most wanted 1:illegal racing,cop chases,escapes and brilliant storyline.this game deserves to make the cut. Also, different modes of racing make this game loads of  fun to play.

4>flatout ultimate carnage:its unique gameplay make this game really fun to play.steongly recommended to racing lovers.

3>GTR evolution: As the name itself suggests, this game is truly an evolution to racing games.if you dont have this one, you are not a racing lover.

2>Burnout paradise:this game is so popular, that i would allow you to describe it in your own does not need any introduction,nor any info.!

1>need for speed;most wanted 2: following the success of its predecessor,this game was released to exceed all expectations of  the racing gamers,and it did,convincingly.